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[sticky post] Masterpost for fiction

Masterlist of my fics

This is the list of fics I have done so far. The are all PG. Warning and Spoiler alerts can be found in the fic
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Flist knows all

I have been asked to build a website for my firm. I have brushed up my html skills and downloaded word-press (the website is being hosted by someone).  I want to use adoble flash or something similar to show some a slide show of the product portfolio. Do you have any recommendation

Thanks in advance


March challange


Fic Recs

Author: [personal profile] pipilj
Fandoms: White Collar
Catagories : Apocalypse, Vehicle Crash, Hospitals


Title : Survivors
Author :
Summary : 
It's the apocalypse. So who will survive and who will fall to the horrors of this new world?
A story filled with hope in a desperate situation

Title : End of the days
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Apocalypse, Fanart. A lovely evocative fanart

Title : Peaches
Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Elizabeth, Neal and Peter after the apocalypse. A little bit of warm in a bad situation

Title : Hold With All you have
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: A lethal epidemic rips through New York. In the aftermath, Neal, Peter and Diana must work together to survive, and to search for those who left the city before lock-down. And then they have to keep on surviving.
A lovely hurt/comfort story

Title : Aftermath
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Neal deals with the apocalypse.
Peter stays with Neal

Vehicle Crash
Title: Keep your feet on solid ground

Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary:Diana and Neal have a rather overdue conversation. A great fic between Diana and Neal. Love fics with an understanding Diana

Title :The day her world stood still. 
Author : 
[archiveofourown.org profile] Aragana
After Peter's car accident, Elizabeth tries to hold things together while she waits for her husband to wake up.
A great story from El point of view

Title  : Small Acts of Kindness
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Neal's on the wrong side of a high-speed chase, and he and the mark find themselves trapped in a sinking car.
Neal being heroic and Peter to the rescue. 

 Title : Christmas (that complicated season)

Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary:This Christmas wasn't going well, but when Neal and Peter have a car accident coming back from a case, it gets even worse. With Neal seriously injured, will they be able to solve their problems before it is too late? A lovely hurt/comfort fic with christmas thrown in

Title: To the rescue

Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary:Peter and Neal are in a high speed car chase. And unlike in the movies, they don´t tend to end well. Neal to the rescue

 Title :Just a Feeling


Summary  : Later, when it was all over, she would say it was just a feeling. Just a feeling which made her cancel her flight and turn around and come home... A glorious fic where Peter has appendicitis

Title : Midnight Visitor
[Unknown LJ tag]
Title : Flee the Angels, Arms outstretched
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Neal's routine visit to the hospital - one made at Peter's insistence - suddenly becomes anything but routine. A sick Neal and worried Peter what is not love?

Title: Listeriosis
Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summaryal is put back in prison after the plane explodes. While Peter tries to get Neal out, Neal contracts food poisoning. He hides it. Poor Neal pets him

March Hurt/comfort Bingo

Here is my card for March, it will be fun to re-read some of my favorite fic to fill this. My sunday plans are set


vehicle crash
hospital stay


Fandom Stocking Reveals

The Fandom Stocking been reveled and I am very pleased with my fills. I was hoping to fill some more stocking for others but got a very nasty cold and cough. I have been depressed and other problems left me in a bad place. A big thank you for everyone who stopped by.  Here is hoping everyone has a great year ahead

LOL from the net



Happy New Year


Wishing all my friends a happy new year, Wishing everyone health and happiness.