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[sticky post] Masterpost for fiction

Masterlist of my fics

This is the list of fics I have done so far. The are all PG. Warning and Spoiler alerts can be found in the fic
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Fandom Stocking Reveals

The Fandom Stocking been reveled and I am very pleased with my fills. I was hoping to fill some more stocking for others but got a very nasty cold and cough. I have been depressed and other problems left me in a bad place. A big thank you for everyone who stopped by.  Here is hoping everyone has a great year ahead

LOL from the net



Happy New Year


Wishing all my friends a happy new year, Wishing everyone health and happiness. 

The miracle in Bronx

Title : The Miracle in Bronx
Author : pipilj

Summary : Elizabeth had the craziest dream. This fills my nightmare prompt on
hurt/comfort page

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The lost voice

Title : The lost voice
Author :
[personal profile] pipilj
Summary : Neal and Mozzie remember an old NY storm. This fills my loss of voice prompt on my hurt/comfort bingo card

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Happy Holidays

Wishing all my fandom friends a  Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Wishing you and your loved ones peace, health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming New Year
The fandom stockings are up my stocking can be found

Magic Hands

 Title : Magic Hands
Author : 
[personal profile] pipilj 
Summary : Neal takes care of Peter when he is unwell. This fills my headache/migrane on my hurt/comfort page


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