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[sticky post] Masterpost for fiction

Masterlist of my fics

This is the list of fics I have done so far. The are all PG. Warning and Spoiler alerts can be found in the fic
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HC Bingo

My Hurt and comfort bingo
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Amazon Prime looking for recomendatiosn

I have an amazon Prime membership. What are some nice shows and movies, looking for new shows that are worth watching. Things I seen and enjoyed
1. God friended me (quite nice)
2. Blindspot (pretty convoluted)
3. Elementary (Okaish)
4. Whiskey Cavalier (Enjoyed it)
5.Mom (Like it)
6. Blue blood (A nice procedral show)
7. Tha Amazing Mrs. Maisel (loved it)
8. Forever (Okaish)
9 Made in Heaven (Hindi - worth a watch)

And a slew of hindi and English movies. Any recommendations for shows that are worth a watch

Flist knows all

I have been asked to build a website for my firm. I have brushed up my html skills and downloaded word-press (the website is being hosted by someone).  I want to use adoble flash or something similar to show some a slide show of the product portfolio. Do you have any recommendation

Thanks in advance


March challange


Fic Recs

Author: [personal profile] pipilj
Fandoms: White Collar
Catagories : Apocalypse, Vehicle Crash, Hospitals


Title : Survivors
Author :
Summary : 
It's the apocalypse. So who will survive and who will fall to the horrors of this new world?
A story filled with hope in a desperate situation

Title : End of the days
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Apocalypse, Fanart. A lovely evocative fanart

Title : Peaches
Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Elizabeth, Neal and Peter after the apocalypse. A little bit of warm in a bad situation

Title : Hold With All you have
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: A lethal epidemic rips through New York. In the aftermath, Neal, Peter and Diana must work together to survive, and to search for those who left the city before lock-down. And then they have to keep on surviving.
A lovely hurt/comfort story

Title : Aftermath
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Neal deals with the apocalypse.
Peter stays with Neal

Vehicle Crash
Title: Keep your feet on solid ground

Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary:Diana and Neal have a rather overdue conversation. A great fic between Diana and Neal. Love fics with an understanding Diana

Title :The day her world stood still. 
Author : 
[archiveofourown.org profile] Aragana
After Peter's car accident, Elizabeth tries to hold things together while she waits for her husband to wake up.
A great story from El point of view

Title  : Small Acts of Kindness
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Neal's on the wrong side of a high-speed chase, and he and the mark find themselves trapped in a sinking car.
Neal being heroic and Peter to the rescue. 

 Title : Christmas (that complicated season)

Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary:This Christmas wasn't going well, but when Neal and Peter have a car accident coming back from a case, it gets even worse. With Neal seriously injured, will they be able to solve their problems before it is too late? A lovely hurt/comfort fic with christmas thrown in

Title: To the rescue

Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary:Peter and Neal are in a high speed car chase. And unlike in the movies, they don´t tend to end well. Neal to the rescue

 Title :Just a Feeling


Summary  : Later, when it was all over, she would say it was just a feeling. Just a feeling which made her cancel her flight and turn around and come home... A glorious fic where Peter has appendicitis

Title : Midnight Visitor
[Unknown LJ tag]
Title : Flee the Angels, Arms outstretched
[Unknown LJ tag] 
Summary: Neal's routine visit to the hospital - one made at Peter's insistence - suddenly becomes anything but routine. A sick Neal and worried Peter what is not love?

Title: Listeriosis
Author: [Unknown LJ tag] 
Summaryal is put back in prison after the plane explodes. While Peter tries to get Neal out, Neal contracts food poisoning. He hides it. Poor Neal pets him

March Hurt/comfort Bingo

Here is my card for March, it will be fun to re-read some of my favorite fic to fill this. My sunday plans are set


vehicle crash
hospital stay


Fandom Stocking Reveals

The Fandom Stocking been reveled and I am very pleased with my fills. I was hoping to fill some more stocking for others but got a very nasty cold and cough. I have been depressed and other problems left me in a bad place. A big thank you for everyone who stopped by.  Here is hoping everyone has a great year ahead

LOL from the net